“Never again 9-to-5!” This is what I thought when I quit my office job in Munich in 2012. Before, I had a straight career: I studied biology, worked for three years in the United States and got a doctorate degree from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg in Germany. I was an assistant teacher at the university and later became PR consultant for the Biotech industry. But then the question of meaning caught up with me. I was sure that someone can give their life a new direction, when they are really excited about an idea.

I was curious about journalism for years, but the uncertain financial outlook has always kept me at bay whenever I thought about pursuing this path. Head choices are rarely the key to happiness. So I studied again to be a journalist. Some hands-on training at a daily newspaper gave me the confidence to give it a try, so I became a freelancer.

Now I do reports about the endangered snow leopard in Central Asia or the parched salt desert of the former Aral Sea – I write about topics that I’m curious about, from the fields of environment, wildlife, outdoor sports and technology. The tab “Journalism” in the menu bar contains a list of work samples for various magazines and newspapers.

Hire me or inspire me – I’m always open for topic suggestions.


Contact: adriane@globestories.com