The Dordoy Bazaar in Bishkek is one of the largest markets in Asia. It consists mainly of stacked cargo containers: the lower one contains the shop, the upper one is the storage room.



In the weekend, Dordoy is extremely busy. Therefore, we went there early, at seven o’clock in the morning …and stood in front of closed (container) doors. Lucky us, a street vendor was near by and sold us some hot tea.

Prices for clothing and food, actually for everything, are cheaper here than anywhere else in town. Bargaining works, too, but not more than 10 to 20 percent. Even the fur-seeker will find what he is looking for, for example, a hat with a real wolf tail.

Around noon, the amounts of people walking through the corridors crosses the stress-threshold: “If you stand still, you die!” This was about the time we went home.

Conclusion: practical and very impressive, but I don’t need to go more often than really necessary.

Here is a video for ilustration: