Life Tip: Drinking beer at seven in the morning might be a good idea when you are 20. At 30 this is not such a good idea. The hung over will occur right around lunch time and stay for the rest of the day. Some people say you just need to continue drinking, but this turns out to be counterproductive.



Nevertheless, the day trip to the river with Oogii and their friends was pretty cool. Mainly because of the landscape. The destination is only about 100 kilometers north from Ulaanbaatar and seems to be quite an insider tip. Where else you can see edelweiss growing in the meadows like daisies?

When they go to the toilet, the Mongolians say: “I look after the horses.” During the drive, this turned into a “running gag”. About ten times we stopped to “look the horses”.

1st Travel Tip: If you are a woman, always bring something to tie around your hips, or wear a dress. In the steppe there’s no trees or bushes on the roadside.

2 Travel Tip: If you are traveling to Mongolia, you should be able to change tires. A trip without the car breaking down is rare. And when a tire is damaged, then have it repaired immediately, because the next breakdown is on the way.

To get an idea of that day, just look at the pictures.